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Assistance with a variety of troublesome emotional and psychological conditions such as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, Borderline Personality Disorders, addictions and alcoholism, eating disorders, low self esteem,

self-harm issues, post traumatic or general stress, depression, anxiety, mood Instability, bipolar disorder or other worrying and frustrating personal life circumstances.

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We have a different view to treatment of various  psychological conditions, such as stress, anxiety, addictions or depression, or for victims of rape, trauma or abuse, people with eating disorder problems or self-harm issues, bipolar and other borderline personality syndromes and we know that one to one counseling with people is extremely valuable. We can offer assistance and guidance as to how to deal with a variety of troublesome life issues, be they relationship or family difficulties or workplace problems.

Our views are based on our own personal experiences with these conditions and reflect the knowledge and understanding we have

concerning them.

Psychiatrists and general therapists are usually very expensive. We have an alternative solution and we always have your best interests at heart. We ourselves have dealt with many of the above issues in our own lives, so when we say to you "we understand" we really DO understand. We offer an ongoing program of recovery that is almost guaranteed to help you improve your life circumstances depending on your honesty, open-mindedness and willingness to follow our suggestions.

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Our purpose is to help, with all the knowledge, experience and education that we have gained over the years concerning different emotional and psychological issues, to reveal to you how your conditions can affect not only you,

but your families and loved ones as well.

We proffer empathy - not sympathy.

Our qualifications are as Psychoanalysts, Therapists and Specialist Counselors.We are NOT Psychiatrists.


We will listen to your stories and problems and our intentions are to guide you towards solutions and a better future, where serenity, peace and fulfillment await. We will give you suggestions according to your needs as to how to

improve your life on a daily basis.

That is the object of one to one counseling.

We offer ongoing support as long as our clients feel they need it. We aim to encourage people to stick to a philosophy of recovery from trauma, abuse or addictions, which involves introducing you to new ways of thinking, behaving and coping with life in general. These changes to a person's intrinsic personality cannot be made alone. We all need help and feedback from people we can trust and rely upon. We aim to offer solutions to help people with the daily challenges that life brings to all of us. 



We have solutions for the parents of children with personality disorders or addiction issues and for children with parents that have the same problems. We can help and have helped and guided many families back to a state of healthy living again.


People can often be scared as to the consequences of speaking out about their personal problems, but instead they are only hurting themselves by holding back. It is not an easy task, that is why we are here to help you with your issues, but more than that we are also here to offer guidance and suggestions as to how to overcome all types of trauma, be it physical,

psychological, or emotional.

We will guide you through a program of treatment which is almost certainly guaranteed to help improve your life circumstances. Of course it depends on your level of honesty and your readiness to open up to us concerning the shame, pain, anger or guilt that is carried inside.

We offer freedom, relief and liberation

from your inner demons.

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